The Rise of SKU’s for Environmentally Friendly Packaging

environmentally friendly packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging is one of the ways Cheshire Packaging is looking out for the future of our planet. More and more companies are looking to use more environmentally friendly solutions for their packaging materials.

One other trend that has been revealed in a recent study is the increased use of SKU’s (stock keeping units), a code (similar to a barcode) to highlight a unique product line. Whereas barcodes need to be scanned, SKU’s can be understood by humans without the need for barcode scanners.

Brands Loyal to Environmentally Friendly Packaging

An industry survey of 250 consumer packaged goods companies has stated that 75% of brand owners are willing to spend significantly more on the packaging with an increased spend of 10%.
Many have said that the reason for this is to keep up with an increasingly competitive landscape and changing consumer tastes. As brands continue to diversify there is a greater demand for bespoke packaging that will transport a variety of goods safely and display units that instantly grab customers attention.

Here at Cheshire Packaging, we specialise in tailored packaging that helps our clients achieve their sales targets.
The survey also showed 85% of brand owners would specify using recyclable material for their packaging, with an expectation that demand for this packaging will grow 30-40% in the next two years.

Companies are also looking for packaging that’s easier to open with the aim to produce more single-serve packages for their stores.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging from Cheshire Packaging

Cheshire Packaging work with some of the UK’s leading brands, producing an outstanding recyclable point of sale and corrugated packaging. With over 25 years of industry experience, we work with customers in Manchester, Liverpool, Chester and Sheffield on environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

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