Transit Packaging

Cheshire Packaging offer a range of transit packaging solutions including display boxes, heavy duty corrugated boxes and shelf ready point of sale packaging.

  • Heavy Duty Transit Packaging

    We design transit packaging to meet your specific product requirements. Where protection is required for heavy/expensive items, we can use a variety of materials from corrugated board and wooden crates, to foam.

    Heavy Duty Transit Packaging

  • Direct Mail and Promotional Display Packaging

    We will design direct mail and promotional display packaging to suit your promotion/event. We can provide anything from simple folders or envelopes, to full colour printed cartons.

    Direct Mail and Promotional Display Packaging

  • Transit Display Boxes

    We can create eye-catching printed transit boxes in sizes to suit your product needs. You can choose from a variety of printing methods, each suited to different materials, quantities and the print effect required. Perfect for your transit packaging needs.

    Transit Display Boxes

  • Shelf Ready Display Packaging

    Many stores now require goods to arrive in shelf-ready packaging (SRP). We can create display packaging that meets individual store requirements. Transit packaging that’s ready as soon as it’s delivered.

    Shelf Ready Display Packaging

  • Cartons and Display Boxes

    Bespoke carton designs can give products eye-catching shelf appeal. We design innovative and cost effective carton display packaging using the best materials available to deliver the protection and durability you need.

    Cartons and Display Boxes

  • Foam Transit Packaging

    We are able to design and supply a full range of foam transit packaging products. Materials vary from high quality grades for display and presentation purposes to resilient polyethylene foam when maximum protection is required with heavy or valuable goods. We have many years of experience supplying bespoke packaging solutions, ensuring that we use the absolute minimum material, whilst still providing the maximum protection.

    Foam Transit Packaging

  • Carry Home Display Boxes

    We can offer a range of tailor made carry home display boxes using integral handles, plastic or rope to suit your requirements. Transit packaging for when the customer is in transit – not your product.

    Carry Home Display Boxes

  • Composite Foam and Corrugated Transit Packaging

    We can design and supply composite packaging using foam and corrugated board to safely protect your products in transit.

    We will always use the minimum amount of material in our transit packaging to keep size and transport costs down.

    Composite Foam and Corrugated Transit Packaging

  • Individual Design

    When it comes to bespoke individual designs, we will design packaging around your specific requirements using materials to best enhance your product and meet your budget. Transit packaging that really showcases your personality on the road.

    Individual Design

  • High Quality Display Packaging

    By using high quality foam along with film laminated prints, we can create high quality display packaging.

    High Quality Display Packaging

  • Screen Printed Display Packaging

    Excellent results can be achieved with screen printing on corrugated packaging. Screen print inks give great coverage to the board used suiting bold designs.

    This design uses one colour on brown kraft board.

    Screen Printed Display Packaging