Display Packaging Technology Trends in the Works

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Here at Cheshire Packaging, we are always looking to implement new manufacturing technologies to produce the best display packaging for our customers.
The recent Automate/Pro Mat exhibition in Detroit, Michigan in the US, displayed a number of upcoming trends that could help automate many tasks when producing a host of different kinds of packaging.

In our latest blog, we are going to look at some trends that piqued our interest –

Combining Autonomous and Articulated Robots
Articulated arm robots have been used in the display packaging industry for some time as having autonomous mobile robots (AMR). On display at the exhibition was a combination of the two, with a collaborative arm mounted onto an AMR.
With the addition of the robot arm, this allows the AMR to be completely autonomous, including loading and unloading.

Saw Goodbye to Repetitive Strains
This unique tool mount’s to the user’s torso and arms with the exoskeleton spring loaded meaning it takes the work out of repetitive tasks.
For example, when lowering boxes from shelves, the springs will absorb the weight.

Mobile Support for Engineers
Whilst having a tablet handy for packaging engineers may feel impractical, new technology in the shape of a headset allows users to use voice activations and take pictures and videos that can be sent to technical support.

Innovative Display Packaging from Cheshire Packaging

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