High Quality Corrugated Packaging in Stoke on Trent

corrugated packaging in stoke on trent

Here at Cheshire Packaging, we understand that quality corrugated packaging in Stoke on Trent is a necessity when your goods are on the move. What sets our corrugated packaging apart from the rest when in transit, is that wherever your packaging goes so does your brand. A plain corrugated box is great for transit between warehouses and for store deliveries but when it comes to sending products directly to your customers hands, it’s vital to add a splash of personality to really set your brand apart from other competitors on the market.

We understand this need and as a result, we specialise in providing custom, customer designed corrugated packaging in Stoke on Trent which is tailored to your brand. Take full control of the graphics, typography, size, shape and weight, every aspect of our corrugated packaging is designed by you!

How our Corrugated Packaging in Stoke on Trent could Benefit You

Our corrugated packaging in Stoke on Trent offers a number of key benefits alongside ticking the boxes in terms of strength and durability. Below you’ll find some of the other benefits our packaging can have;

  • Customers feel valued – A unique parcel received in the post will stick in the mind of the customer longer than a plain cardboard box. The process of receiving a gift becomes more enjoyable as it is a break from the norm, making them more inclined to use the same service when reciprocating the gift.
  • Extra Advertising – Take your brand on the road. All the way down the chain from sender to recipient your brand comes into contact with a range of potential customers.
  • Environmentally Friendly – With laws and regulations changing toward being eco-friendlier. Our packaging complies with those laws without compromising on your design criteria.

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If you require further information about our corrugated packaging in Stoke on Trent, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team right away. We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have and can even provide you with a quotation.