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Save 10% on Show Cards this April

show cards

Show cards offer an incredibly simple, budget friendly and effective method of grabbing the attention of consumers and informing them about your product or event. Free standing and very durable, our show cards can easily be displayed in any retail, hospitality, or exhibition environment. Due to the many benefits of the timeless advertising technique, here at Cheshire Packaging, we have decided to offer all our customers 10% off any cards purchased during April. As one of the UK’s leading print finishing specialists, we can provide you with bespoke cards which promote your brand, product, or event in a unique and memorable manner!

Show Stopping Show Cards

Using the very latest and best print finishing materials and facilities, our team of creative designers can create show cards which are bespoke to your product, brand, or event. Each show card we create is unique and we offer cards in sizes from A1 through to A5 on 2000 Micron Dutch grey board. We can also cut the cards into various shapes and designs and we offer a range of finishes from gloss and matt film lamination and/or spot UV varnishes.

Whichever finish you choose, working closely with you through the design stages, we can provide you with show stopping show cards which are eye catching and informative. Staying up to date with the latest technological trends, we can even provide you with show cards which feature QR codes and social media details to really increase and strengthen your brand reach.

With over 25 years’ experience in the print finishing industry, we have a reputation for producing bespoke show cards which “wow” exactly as they should!

Discuss Your Show Card Requirements Today

At Cheshire Packaging, we provide cost effective show cards for customers across the UK, from straight forward designs, to intricate show cards which utilise our die cutting and creasing techniques, and with 10% off during April, there really is no better time than now to order your show cards. To find out more about our products or to discuss your requirements in detail, please get in touch, a member of our team will be happy to help!

show cards

Increase Brand Familiarity with Cardboard Counter Displays

Did you know that when shown similar products and brands, consumers are more likely to choose products with familiar and appealing packaging? It’s safe to say that retail can be a difficult space to break through in, especially when there is just so much competition and each product is fighting for attention. The good news is that with cardboard counter displays from Cheshire Packaging, you can achieve exactly that. Working with you, we can create eye catching and unique cardboard counter displays which are strategically designed to increase brand familiarity whilst promoting sales.

Cardboard Counter Displays to Suit Every Need

For more than 25 years now, we have been working with clients across the UK, including many household names, providing them with innovative cardboard counter displays designed to get their brand and product noticed. Whether you’re looking for counter displays which maximise on space, a great example being our multiple shelf displays, or displays which save on space, an example being our hugely popular tiered units, we have the perfect solution for you!

With access to high quality print finishing materials and own very own team of expert designers who have a vast amount of experience and a level of creativity which has no limits, we can help you to create truly unique packaging solutions which can be as exciting and vibrant as you like. Dependent upon the style you choose, you can also choose between a matt finish or luxurious gloss finish to ensure that your packaging is able to withstand daily use in busy retail spaces.

At Cheshire Packaging, we take great pride in delivering creative solutions which help you to build your brand identity, increasing consumer familiarity.

Get in Touch Today for Cardboard Counter Displays in Your Area

So, if you’re looking for high quality cardboard counter displays at an affordable price, look no further than Cheshire Packaging. We operate to BSEN IS0 9001:2008 standards and we always put your success at the centre of what we do. To find out more about our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch! You can also find out more about the areas that we serve here.

Reinventing Strut Cards

strut cards

As digital media now dominates the advertising industry, traditional point of sale marketing techniques such as strut cards, also known as show cards, can seem a little outdated. At Cheshire Packaging however, we think outside the box when it comes to strut cards. With our help, you can use the simple cards as a platform to really connect with your target audience by promoting hashtags, sharing QR codes and much more! With more than 25 years’ experience as one of the UK’s leading print finishing specialists, we can provide you with bespoke strut cards which promote your business in an exciting and modern fashion!

How can Strut Cards Boost your Advertising Campaign?

With eye-catching designs and total flexibility on shape, size and placement, strut cards greatly increase your chances of standing out. What’s more, with our reinvented cards, the simple, cost effective and easy to handle cards are no longer limited to simply promoting your product or service, they can help to tie together your whole advertising campaign…

By adding hashtags related to you social media, you can encourage people to interact with you further online, building your brand awareness. What’s more, strut cards are also a fantastic platform for sharing promotions with the use of QR codes, something which is popular amongst younger consumers!

Today strut and show cards have so much potential to be more than just a standard advertisement, by adopting new, creative design strategies, you can ensure that your business stays relevant!

strut cards

Contact Us Today to Discuss Your Strut Cards

At Cheshire Packaging, we specialise in providing bespoke strut cards for customers across the UK. From simple designs, to complex pieces created using die cutting techniques, we guarantee to have the perfect, cost effective solution for you. Our cards are mounted onto 2mm Dutch greyboard and are available with a matt, gloss laminate finishing, or UV spot varnishing for extra durability. For more information about how we can design cards which reflect your brand perfectly, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Egg-ceptional Display Boxes!

display boxes

Easter is now just five weeks away and supermarkets are quickly filling up with shelves full of brightly coloured display boxes filled with delicious chocolatey treats. After Christmas, Easter is the next big event in supermarkets with as many as 80 million boxed eggs being sold in the UK per year. If you haven’t ordered your display boxes yet though, don’t worry as Cheshire Packaging can help! For over 25 years, we have been supplying bespoke packaging to leading brands across the UK and we have a vast amount of experience in supplying packaging for the food industry. Working closely with you, we can provide you with egg-ceptional display boxes!

Stand Out with Our Easter Display Boxes

Display boxes are a vital part of securing sales, above all however, they are a crucial part of getting your product noticed. At Easter, the importance of choosing expertly designed display boxes only increases as shelves are quite literally crammed full with vibrant, eye catching products which are competing fiercely to be noticed.

The good news is that here at Cheshire Packaging, we have a team of in-house designers who can design appealing packaging which guarantees to get your product noticed. In addition to this, we can also provide you with durable packaging which protects your eggs from transit to the grand unboxing!

In addition to this, we utilise as little material as possible without reducing the appeal of your product. We understand that as Easter eggs are bought as gifts, looks are vital.

Choose Cheshire Packaging for Your Easter Display Boxes

Cheshire Packaging operate to BSEN IS0 9001:2008 so you can rest assured that you will be receiving packaging which are made to the highest standards. If you are interested in our Easter display boxes, please do not hesitate to get in touch! With just 6 weeks to go, we can provide you with professional, durable and eye catching packaging solutions which are truly egg-ceptional!

display boxes

Display Packaging for Mother’s Day

display packaging

With Valentine’s Day over, the next big day on the calendar is Mother’s Day and it’s the perfect time to indulge in some creative display packaging to really boost your sales! This year Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 26th March but shops are already starting to fill up with boxed gifts, cards, and speciality flowers. Whatever your product may be though, and no matter how big or small it is, Cheshire Packaging can design and manufacture seasonal display packaging which adds a personal touch to any Mother’s Day gift.

Display Packaging with a Personal Touch

With over 25 years’ experience in the print finishing and packaging design industry, we have built a reputation on creating bespoke display packaging which successfully sets brands apart. This is important for Mother’s Day as shelves are often full of similar, beautifully displayed gifts which compete to grab consumer’s attention.

By using the very best materials, a high-quality finish and a truly unique design which is tailored to your brand, we can help your brand to stand out this March. We offer total flexibility on colour, shape, and designs, and we offer a variety of display packaging options ranging from bespoke confectionery packs and display boxes, to floor standing displays, counter displays and twist and lock displays which are perfect for displaying hand sized gifts. We can also add finishing touches such as ribbons and bows to give packs that extra special look.

With Mother’s Day being the one day where people say thank you to their mums with gifts, it’s important that your packaging looks beautiful to ensure that it appeals to consumers. At Cheshire Packaging, we can provide you with exactly this without compromising on quality.

Order Your Display Packaging Today

So, if you’re looking for display packaging for Mother’s Day which is beautiful and durable, look no further than Cheshire Packaging. As we are based in the north west we can easily cater to your needs, wherever you may be. To find out more about our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can also find out more using our helpful online packaging guide.

Display Boxes to Take Your Business to the Next Level

display boxes

So, you’ve got a fantastic product which customers are guaranteed to love, what next?

Before any sales are made, you need to grab the attention of your consumer and in today’s busy retail environments, mediocre packaging just won’t do! At Cheshire Packaging however, we have the perfect solution, our bespoke display boxes. With over 25 years’ experience supplying packaging to leading brands across the UK, we can design and manufacture innovative display boxes which reflect your brand perfectly! By combining creativity with our vast marketing experience, we can provide packaging which encourages sales, promotes brand awareness and above all, takes your business to the next level!

Eye Catching Display Boxes Tailored to Your Brand

To stand out in busy retail environments, you need to give consumers a reason to choose your product over other competitors, you need to grab the attention of your target audience. The good news is that our display boxes can help you achieve just this!

Available in a range of shapes and sizes and perfect for storing, transporting, and displaying products, our display boxes provide you an end to end solution. What’s more, we can tailor our boxes to meet your exact requirements. Using the latest technology and high quality materials such as film laminated prints, our in-house team of designers can use their creative flair to develop packaging designs which are both eye catching and informative.

As every product is different, we also provide a variety of options when it comes to display boxes including window packs and shelf ready packaging which meets individual store requirements, and bespoke display cartons which protect your products during daily handling.display boxes

Contact Cheshire Packaging Today for Display Boxes

When it comes to display boxes, we understand that you want something that not only looks good, but something which is also durable and versatile. For this reason, all our packaging complies with BSEN ISO 9001:2008 standards. So, if you are interested in our packaging solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch! We supply display boxes in Cheshire and surrounding areas and a member of our team will be more than happy to help!

Launching a New Product? Stand Out with Custom Display Packaging!

display packaging

Are you preparing to launch a new product? Make sure you stand out with custom display packaging from Cheshire Packaging! With over 25 years’ experience in the packaging and print finishing industry, we can provide you with display packaging which showcases your products in an attractive and exciting manner!

Based in the North West, we can provide our services to Cheshire and surrounding areas, including Manchester and Liverpool. No matter how big or small your product may be, we guarantee to have the packaging solution for you to help you to “wow” consumers!

display packaging

Why Choose Display Packaging from Cheshire Packaging?

At Cheshire Packaging, we believe display packaging is extremely useful when launching a new product. Not only does it provide your product with increased exposure due to its prominent location within retail spaces but it is also incredibly versatile and easily customisable. Using the very best materials and working closely with you, our team of in-house designers can create eye catching display packaging which is designed specifically to promote your products and to boost your marketing strategy.

With a reputation for providing innovative packaging and print finishing to some of the UK’s leading brands, we can provide you with the platform you need to establish your brand in even the busiest of retail spaces!

Whether you require floor standing displays, shelf displays or something a little bolder such as a large standee, our experienced and dedicated team can help!

Find Out More About Our Display Packaging

We have a total commitment to quality and operate to BSEN IS0 9001:2008. This means that you can rest assured that you will be receiving high standard display packaging which puts your success first. To find out more about our display packaging options and what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Make a Lasting Impression with Display Packaging in Manchester

display packaging manchester

Did you know that on average it takes just 3-5 seconds for consumers to decide on whether they are interested in your product? What’s more, if your display packaging in Manchester does not grab their attention the first time round, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get another chance to convert them. For this reason, it is vital that your display packaging in Manchester is of the highest quality to make a lasting impression – after all, you want them to choose you time and time again!

Here at Cheshire Packaging, we specialise in designing and supplying innovative display packaging in Manchester which guarantees just this! We understand that display packaging is basically the first thing consumers see,  so for this reason, we create unique display packaging in Manchester which presents products in attractive manner to promote sales, brand memorability and brand loyalty.

Bespoke Display Packaging in Manchester

With over 25 years’ experience in the packaging and print finishing industry, we have built a reputation on providing bespoke display packaging in Manchester for both leading brands and smaller independent brands. We understand that effective packaging is about more than graphics and size, it’s about creativity. For this reason, our team of expert designers use their wealth of experience and speciality materials to produce eye catching packaging for your business. Tailored to your brand, we work with clients every step of the way to produce designs which ‘wow’ consumers.

In addition to offering flexibility on design, we also offer a range of display packaging styles from floor standing displays and counter displays, to transit packaging and twist and lock displays which offer an efficient way of displaying and promoting literature and small products.

Get in Touch for Display Packaging in Manchester

At Cheshire Packaging, we believe “it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish” which is why take great pride in producing display packaging in Manchester to make your products stand out. If you are interested in our display packaging, please do not hesitate to get in touch, a member of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Go Green with Bespoke Corrugated Packaging in Liverpool

corrugated packaging in liverpool

2017 is finally here and as concerns surrounding the excessive use of non-recyclable packaging increases, alternatives such as corrugated packaging continue to become increasingly popular. Here at Cheshire Packaging, we have been designing and manufacturing bespoke corrugated packaging in Liverpool for more than 25 years and during this time, we have become renowned for providing exceptional corrugated packaging solutions. Whether you’re transporting goods, or displaying them, our corrugated packaging guarantees you optimum protection, no matter how big or small your products are!

Corrugated Packaging in Liverpool Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that no two products are the same. For this reason, we take great pride in offering a complete bespoke service when it comes to corrugated packaging in Liverpool. Often, packaging is the first thing potential customers see concerning your brand so for this reason, we have a team of highly talented in-house designers who are able to produce bespoke designs which reflect your brand perfectly. Using high standard print facilities, we can provide decorative finishes and embellishments which are unique to your business.

With all our corrugated packaging in Liverpool however, our ultimate priority is ensuring that your goods are safe and secure during transit and whilst on display. To achieve this, we use only the very best materials including foam and heavy duty corrugated board which is recyclable. To keep transport costs down and to be environmentally friendly, we always use a minimum amount of material without compromising on quality.

If you do however require something more robust, we also offer corrugated packaging in Liverpool which is manufactured from Correx, a waterproof fluted plastic board which provides ultimate protection. Lightweight and flexible, Correx can be shaped into numerous designs, to meet your specific design requirements.

Contact Us Today for Corrugated Packaging in Liverpool

We understand that when it comes to corrugated packaging in Liverpool, durability and reflecting your brand in a professional and accurate manner is of the utmost importance. Our packaging easily delivers this, and also complies with BSEN ISO 9001:2008. So, if you require corrugated packaging in Liverpool, please do not hesitate to get in touch. A member of our highly skilled team will be more than happy to help!

Cardboard Display Stands by Cheshire Packaging

cardboard display stands in stoke on trent

Here at Cheshire Packaging, we understand how important it is to ensure your products are displayed as effectively as possible! This can even allow you to boost sales, and reinforce your product branding. A fantastic way to make sure your products are always looking their best is to choose high quality cardboard display stands!

We’ve been supplying cardboard display stands for leading brands across the UK for a number of years, and as such we have a great understanding of what companies expect from their cardboard display packaging.

For Bespoke Cardboard Display Stands to Boost Your Business, Choose Cheshire Packaging

For all your cardboard display packaging needs, you can count on Cheshire Packaging to provide a second to none, high quality service. We specialise in designing and manufacturing cardboard display stands for all kinds of products and companies from the big to the small. This flexibility means that we’re confident you’ll find the perfect cardboard display stands for you right here.
We can offer the following options for your displays:
Floor standing cardboard display packaging – Ideal for larger displays and dump bins.
Counter top cardboard display packaging – Perfect for the counter top, or other areas where space is tight.
Transit cardboard display packaging – Ideal for transporting and displaying your products with ease.

We even have a range of speciality materials and packaging types, such as wood veneered packaging, gravity displays

Don’t Delay, Get in Touch to Find Out How Cardboard Display Stands Can Benefit Your Business!

When it comes to cardboard display stands, we know that you need a combination of good looks and durability, and we are proud to provide both! Our packaging complies with BSEN ISO 9001:2008 standards, so you can rest easy knowing that your new cardboard display stands are of the highest standards possible.

If you’d like any more information on our tailor made cardboard display packaging, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. You can also find plenty of helpful advice and information in our packaging guide, and information on our printing services can be found here.