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Launching a New Product? Stand Out with Custom Display Packaging!

display packaging

Are you preparing to launch a new product? Make sure you stand out with custom display packaging from Cheshire Packaging! With over 25 years’ experience in the packaging and print finishing industry, we can provide you with display packaging which showcases your products in an attractive and exciting manner!

Based in the North West, we can provide our services to Cheshire and surrounding areas, including Manchester and Liverpool. No matter how big or small your product may be, we guarantee to have the packaging solution for you to help you to “wow” consumers!

display packaging

Why Choose Display Packaging from Cheshire Packaging?

At Cheshire Packaging, we believe display packaging is extremely useful when launching a new product. Not only does it provide your product with increased exposure due to its prominent location within retail spaces but it is also incredibly versatile and easily customisable. Using the very best materials and working closely with you, our team of in-house designers can create eye catching display packaging which is designed specifically to promote your products and to boost your marketing strategy.

With a reputation for providing innovative packaging and print finishing to some of the UK’s leading brands, we can provide you with the platform you need to establish your brand in even the busiest of retail spaces!

Whether you require floor standing displays, shelf displays or something a little bolder such as a large standee, our experienced and dedicated team can help!

Find Out More About Our Display Packaging

We have a total commitment to quality and operate to BSEN IS0 9001:2008. This means that you can rest assured that you will be receiving high standard display packaging which puts your success first. To find out more about our display packaging options and what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Make a Lasting Impression with Display Packaging in Manchester

display packaging manchester

Did you know that on average it takes just 3-5 seconds for consumers to decide on whether they are interested in your product? What’s more, if your display packaging in Manchester does not grab their attention the first time round, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get another chance to convert them. For this reason, it is vital that your display packaging in Manchester is of the highest quality to make a lasting impression – after all, you want them to choose you time and time again!

Here at Cheshire Packaging, we specialise in designing and supplying innovative display packaging in Manchester which guarantees just this! We understand that display packaging is basically the first thing consumers see,  so for this reason, we create unique display packaging in Manchester which presents products in attractive manner to promote sales, brand memorability and brand loyalty.

Bespoke Display Packaging in Manchester

With over 25 years’ experience in the packaging and print finishing industry, we have built a reputation on providing bespoke display packaging in Manchester for both leading brands and smaller independent brands. We understand that effective packaging is about more than graphics and size, it’s about creativity. For this reason, our team of expert designers use their wealth of experience and speciality materials to produce eye catching packaging for your business. Tailored to your brand, we work with clients every step of the way to produce designs which ‘wow’ consumers.

In addition to offering flexibility on design, we also offer a range of display packaging styles from floor standing displays and counter displays, to transit packaging and twist and lock displays which offer an efficient way of displaying and promoting literature and small products.

Get in Touch for Display Packaging in Manchester

At Cheshire Packaging, we believe “it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish” which is why take great pride in producing display packaging in Manchester to make your products stand out. If you are interested in our display packaging, please do not hesitate to get in touch, a member of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Go Green with Bespoke Corrugated Packaging in Liverpool

corrugated packaging in liverpool

2017 is finally here and as concerns surrounding the excessive use of non-recyclable packaging increases, alternatives such as corrugated packaging continue to become increasingly popular. Here at Cheshire Packaging, we have been designing and manufacturing bespoke corrugated packaging in Liverpool for more than 25 years and during this time, we have become renowned for providing exceptional corrugated packaging solutions. Whether you’re transporting goods, or displaying them, our corrugated packaging guarantees you optimum protection, no matter how big or small your products are!

Corrugated Packaging in Liverpool Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that no two products are the same. For this reason, we take great pride in offering a complete bespoke service when it comes to corrugated packaging in Liverpool. Often, packaging is the first thing potential customers see concerning your brand so for this reason, we have a team of highly talented in-house designers who are able to produce bespoke designs which reflect your brand perfectly. Using high standard print facilities, we can provide decorative finishes and embellishments which are unique to your business.

With all our corrugated packaging in Liverpool however, our ultimate priority is ensuring that your goods are safe and secure during transit and whilst on display. To achieve this, we use only the very best materials including foam and heavy duty corrugated board which is recyclable. To keep transport costs down and to be environmentally friendly, we always use a minimum amount of material without compromising on quality.

If you do however require something more robust, we also offer corrugated packaging in Liverpool which is manufactured from Correx, a waterproof fluted plastic board which provides ultimate protection. Lightweight and flexible, Correx can be shaped into numerous designs, to meet your specific design requirements.

Contact Us Today for Corrugated Packaging in Liverpool

We understand that when it comes to corrugated packaging in Liverpool, durability and reflecting your brand in a professional and accurate manner is of the utmost importance. Our packaging easily delivers this, and also complies with BSEN ISO 9001:2008. So, if you require corrugated packaging in Liverpool, please do not hesitate to get in touch. A member of our highly skilled team will be more than happy to help!

Cardboard Display Stands by Cheshire Packaging

cardboard display stands in stoke on trent

Here at Cheshire Packaging, we understand how important it is to ensure your products are displayed as effectively as possible! This can even allow you to boost sales, and reinforce your product branding. A fantastic way to make sure your products are always looking their best is to choose high quality cardboard display stands!

We’ve been supplying cardboard display stands for leading brands across the UK for a number of years, and as such we have a great understanding of what companies expect from their cardboard display packaging.

For Bespoke Cardboard Display Stands to Boost Your Business, Choose Cheshire Packaging

For all your cardboard display packaging needs, you can count on Cheshire Packaging to provide a second to none, high quality service. We specialise in designing and manufacturing cardboard display stands for all kinds of products and companies from the big to the small. This flexibility means that we’re confident you’ll find the perfect cardboard display stands for you right here.
We can offer the following options for your displays:
Floor standing cardboard display packaging – Ideal for larger displays and dump bins.
Counter top cardboard display packaging – Perfect for the counter top, or other areas where space is tight.
Transit cardboard display packaging – Ideal for transporting and displaying your products with ease.

We even have a range of speciality materials and packaging types, such as wood veneered packaging, gravity displays

Don’t Delay, Get in Touch to Find Out How Cardboard Display Stands Can Benefit Your Business!

When it comes to cardboard display stands, we know that you need a combination of good looks and durability, and we are proud to provide both! Our packaging complies with BSEN ISO 9001:2008 standards, so you can rest easy knowing that your new cardboard display stands are of the highest standards possible.

If you’d like any more information on our tailor made cardboard display packaging, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. You can also find plenty of helpful advice and information in our packaging guide, and information on our printing services can be found here.

Bespoke Corrugated Packaging in Manchester by Cheshire Packaging

corrugated packaging in manchester

If you are looking for corrugated packaging in Manchester to help you package, transport, and display your products, then you have come to exactly the right place. Here at Cheshire Packaging, we have been supplying corrugated packaging in Manchester and the surrounding areas for years.

In all this time, we have gotten a great understanding of what our customers expect from their corrugated packaging.

We know that you are looking for packaging that will be durable with a high quality finish, that will help you to show your product off to its best advantage, and we are happy to provide this!

High Quality Corrugated Packaging in Manchester

When you’re looking for corrugated packaging in Manchester, you can’t go wrong when you choose Cheshire Packaging! We’re experts when it comes to offering bespoke corrugated packaging in Manchester, and our in house design and print facilities mean we can offer a level of quality and consistency which is second to none.

Our corrugated packaging can be reinforced to provide excellent protection for large and heavy or fragile items in transit by combining it with foam and wooden crates. This makes it ideal for items in transit, making sure they arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

For extra durability, we can also construct corrugated packaging using plastics. This material is ideal when packaging is to be returned and reused, and is a great long term option. Our plastic corrugated packaging in Manchester is also recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly option!

Choose Cheshire Packaging for Your Corrugated Packaging in Manchester

If you’re interested in our exceptional corrugated packaging in Manchester, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re always happy to talk through any design options you’re considering, and assist with any stage of the process.

You can find more information on our corrugated packaging, and our other packaging options in our handy packaging guide, and you can also check out our printing service as well as our other packaging options for more information.

Display Packaging by Cheshire Packaging

Point of Sale Packaging in Liverpool


Here at Cheshire Packaging, we specialise in supplying innovative display packaging for leading brands across the UK. Our display packaging is specially designed to help you to display your products in an appealing way. This can boost sales as well as bringing a professional look to your product displays!

We are proud to have a fantastic range of sizes and shapes available for our packaging to suit your needs. As well as this, our team of professional designers are experts in creating eye catching packaging designs. These printing and design methods allow us to create something unique for your business. We just need your imagination!

Innovative and Exciting Display Packaging to Boost Your Business!

When it comes to display packaging, Cheshire Packaging have all your needs covered! We offer a selection of different types of packaging for displays, and you can find out more on each type here:

Floor standing display packaging – these include dump bins, hanging floor displays, branding blocks and shelf displays. They make great use of available floor space to provide an eye catching and functional means of displaying products.
Counter top display packaging – we design and manufacture a range of shelf displays, compact units, tiered displays, vertical hanging units and cosmetic displays. These are great for getting those point of sale deals in. They also help you to maximise counter space!
Transit display packaging – includes transit boxes, shelf-ready packaging, cartons, and other promotional packaging.

With so many options available, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect packaging solutions right here with Cheshire Packaging.

If You’re Looking for Display Packaging, You’ve Come to the Right Place!

We know that when it comes to packaging for displays, you need a winning combination of durability and good looks! Our packaging easily delivers this, and complies with BSEN ISO 9001:2008 standards for your peace of mind. If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team! You can also check out our packaging guide!

Display Boxes for Christmas Retail from Cheshire Packaging

Display Boxes

Display boxes are a vital part of instore promotion and key product selling. We are about to enter what retailers call the “golden quarter”. It is the time of year when shops turnover most money and generate the largest part of their profits for the entire year. We are now on the build up to Black Friday, Christmas and the January Sale! Are you ready for the rush?

Display Boxes for all Seasons from Cheshire Packaging

High street retailers of all kinds, from national brands to local independent shops all know that now is the time to encourage people to buy. Display boxes are a key part of driving those sales!
Even in this digital age, it has been proven that shoppers like to visit a store to see a product before purchasing. Drawing attention to and displaying your goods effectively will maximise customer spend.

Online retail has seen a massive rise in recent years. Once the order has been placed and you are despatching the parcel back to the customer, do your display boxes match the quality of the goods inside?

Getting your packaging right will keep the contents safe from damage. You need the customer to be delighted with their buy. The display boxes that your customer opens need to reflect the quality of your business. It is an important of the brand experience.

Choose Cheshire Packaging for Display Boxes

Cheshire Packaging supply display boxes across UK. We are based in the North West of England and you will see our products in large shops and independent retailers in Manchester, Chester and Liverpool. Being an award winning packaging design company we are trusted to produce display boxes for leading brands. If you would like to know more about us and our products and services, please contact us today!

Welcome to the New Cheshire Packaging Blog

The new Cheshire Packaging blog is here! Use it to find outstanding packaging and display solutions. We will point you in the right direction and assist you to get the innovative packaging your business deserves.
The world of retail and promotions moves fast! You need a company that can keep up and supply you with great products and an even better service.

Products and Services from Cheshire Packaging

Here at Cheshire Packaging, we are experts in designing, printing and making the promotional displays and packaging you need. We have an unrivalled range of products and services:
Transit Packaging – Covering essential foam padding and heavy duty transit boxes to refined high quality display packaging.
Speciality Materials – Whether you are looking for bespoke designs, wood veneer, polypropylene, seasonal packaging, window packs and more!
Floor Standing Displays – Draw in the crowds and highlight key product promotions with dump bins, branding blocks, shelving and cut outs.
Counter Displays – Win that additional spend from customers at your counter with our variety of table top and counter display units. Tiered displays, multiple shelving and cosmetic displays are all available from us.
Print Finishing – Die cutting, creasing, laminating, strut cards, and a full hand finishing services are our speciality.

Choose Cheshire Packaging for Bespoke Packaging Solutions

We have supplied packaging solutions for all manner of projects for the past 25 years. Being based in Hyde near to Manchester, we are ideally situated to supply packaging and display solutions across the UK. We will work in partnership with you to deliver the best solutions and satisfy your requirements. Cheshire packaging can add value to your business through custom made displays to give your product promotion a boost!
If you would like to know more about what we offer or would like a quote, please contact us today!