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Christmas is Strut Cards Season

strut cards

It’s the most wonderful time of year, but to make a sterling success for your shop have you sorted your strut cards out yet?

Christmas time is the golden quarter for retailers with massive profits to be had, if your products are advertised effectively.

If you have an exclusive product then placement is just as vital as this can be the deal breaker for customers. Let’s face it, someone isn’t going to buy something they can’t see.

Why Strut Cards will seal the deal

It’s vital to stand out from the crowd and strut cards are a great idea to show off exclusive offers and limited edition products. We find that they work best when placed on counters in the eye line of customers.

A recent survey said that 61% of customers will buy clothing and accessories and anyone who has ever been into a department store will know that they are flooded with strut cards, especially around Christmas.

Strut Cards will help your sales and the environment

Here at Cheshire Packaging we operate to BSEN ISO 9001:2008 standards ensuring we produce the highest standard of products.
Customers are now much more aware of the effect their waste is having on the environment and this is one of the reasons all the products we offer, including strut cards are sent out in eco-friendly packaging.

Enquire about our selection of Strut Cards

Cheshire Packaging will work together with your company to ensure your products match your brand’s personality and helps you gain those seasonal sales.

From small companies to household names we have a rich history of helping businesses achieve their goals.

If you’d like to know more about our strut card selection, or any other items please get in touch today and speak to our friendly team.

Strut Ahead of the Competition with Strut Cards

strut cards

For over 25 years, we’ve been creating and supplying high quality point of sale displays, including strut cards.

Strut cards and other forms of traditional advertising are often overlooked by those attempting to market their product due to the current dominance of digital. But, they’re still aesthetically pleasing and often catch the public’s attention.

They can be placed in a public facility, retail spaces, a restaurant or even an office, and they’re the perfect way to spark conversation about your product, event or company.

As well as the above, they’re cost-effective and many of our clients have remained loyal to traditional strut cards over digital – showing you exactly why they’re useful.

Strut Cards from an Award Winning Company

We’re an award winning print finishing company, and have worked with a number of leading brands in the United Kingdom.

We pride ourselves in providing clients with possibilities that are endless, especially in regards to design. If you have a design in mind, we can replicate it, but if you need some help, we’ve got a wealth of knowledge and creative flair that will be sure to make you happy.

And whilst strut cards are a more traditional marketing method, we ensure they’re not left completely behind by offering social media handles, hashtags, QR codes and more on your design.

Their finish is strong too! Once the design is confirmed, each card is mounted onto 2mm of dutch grey board, in a gloss, matte or UV spot varnished finished – providing extra strength!

Get in Touch with us for Strut Cards

If you’re interested in purchasing bespoke strut cards, we can help you represent your company, event or product perfectly, and even personally. We can produce in various shapes, sizes and finishes too.

Please get in touch with us to learn more!

Show Cards That Work For Your Business

Show cards

Whilst there’s a huge focus on digital at the moment, it’s important not to ignore more traditional marketing techniques. Show cards, or strut cards, are a charming and convenient way to engage with consumers – all whilst being easy to distribute and manage –  with show cards making it easier for your brand to be seen in retail spaces, restaurants, offices and more.

Grab Attention with Show Cards

At Cheshire Packaging, we understand the need to give your brand as much character as possible, whilst ensuring that the quality of packaging and displays remains the focus. That’s why we ensure we offer a bespoke show card service, working alongside you to guarantee that your message is communicated effectively and uniquely, placing your business apart from its competitors.

Show cards are used primarily to grab your audience’s attention in a creative way, using minimal text in an effort to stand out, but including a call to action, directing customers to social media pages, a website or even an email address. By working alongside our award-winning team of expert designers, you can use our creative wisdom, all whilst taking advantage of a huge range of colour and printing options, cutting shapes and finishes. This ensures your business stands out among the crowd – but also provides the longevity the show card will need whilst on display in public.

If Show Cards Work for You, Speak to Our Expert Team

With over 25-years experience, we have a strong reputation for providing and creating exceptional designs and various other packaging solutions that adds value to your product or service. If simple, cost-effective and engaging show cards are the prominent way you’d want to advertise your business, product or event, please get in touch with our expert team who will be more than happy to help with any queries.

Show Cards Convey Big Messages in a Small Space

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Conventional styles of point of sale advertising will always be a powerful and effective form of marketing, even in the modern digital world that we live in today. Show Cards (or often referred to as strut cards) are a perfect example of a powerful traditional method of advertising. Extremely versatile and easy to distribute, show cards are ideal for shows and events, office or retail spaces, restaurants or public facilities. What’s more, they’re also cost effective and if designed correctly, they can be very eye catching and engaging.

Our Show Cards Display your Individuality

Cheshire Packaging understands the importance of good quality packaging and displays, as well as the need to be individual. This is why we offer a bespoke service for every show card order. Working with you, we can ensure that your message is communicated effectively and in an innovative and unique manner which is personal to your business.

Working with our team of expert designers, you can take full advantage of a huge range of colour and print options that we have available in-house. We can also cut the cards to any shape by using advanced cutting machines. Once complete, you can then choose from a choice of finishes such as a matte finish or laminate which guarantees longevity and durability – this is perfect for when show cards will be handled daily by the public.

To Discuss Our Show Cards, Speak to One of Our Experts Today

At Cheshire Packaging, our aim is to create endless possibilities for show cards and other packaging solutions. With more than 25-years experience, we have a strong reputation for creating exceptional designs that add value to our customers products or services. If you have a project to discuss or require additional information about our show cards or any of our other products, please get in touch, a member of our team will be more than happy to help!

Bespoke Strut Cards by Cheshire Packaging

strut cards

Cheshire Packaging has been supplying high quality point of sale displays, including strut cards (also known as show cards) for over 25 years now. With the current dominance of digital advertising and marketing techniques, traditional points of sale options can easily be overlooked, strut cards however still retain their aesthetic appeal and ability to catch the general public’s eye. Whether they’re placed in an office, retail space, restaurant or public facility, strut cards are a fantastic way of getting the public talking about your product or event. Combine this with their low cost and we can easily see why many of our clients remain loyal to the traditional marketing platform!

Link your strut cards to your entire marketing campaign!

As an award winning print finishing company which works with many leading UK brands, we take great pride in providing clients with endless possibilities when it comes to the design of their strut cards. If you already have a design in mind we can replicate this using the latest print finishing equipment. If however you need a little help with the design, we do have our own team of in-house designers on hand who have a wealth of marketing knowledge and creative flair which is just waiting to be let loose!

Once a design has been confirmed, each card is then mounted onto 2mm dutch grey board, in a gloss, matte, or a UV spot varnished finish for extra strength. To help you to get the most out of your strut cards, we also offer you the option of printing relevant campaign links such as social media handles, hashtags, QR codes and much much onto your cards. This gives you the opportunity to pack the cards full of useful information to tie your marketing campaign together without it looking too cluttered!

Contact us for cost effective strut cards

So, if you are interested in purchasing bespoke strut cards and you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please get in touch! Working with you, we can design striking strut cards which represent and reflect your brand, product or event perfectly. Available in various sizes, shapes and finishes, our friendly and helpful team can guide you through the design and manufacturing process.

The Power of Show Cards

show cards

At Cheshire Packaging, we’re going to take things back to basics for a moment with one of our favourite advertising mediums, show cards! Budget friendly, highly durable and a handy size which is just big enough to be eye catching, we simply love show cards!

As we are surrounded by advertising in a variety of forms, including digital advertising, mobile advertising, and print advertising, getting your product, service or event noticed can be hard work and not to mention costly – with show cards however, you don’t need to spend a huge amount to reach your target audience! The simple, free standing medium can be displayed virtually anywhere, from retail spaces, hotels, restaurants, public spaces such as libraries or museums and entertainment venues and what’s more, you don’t need to rely on Wi-Fi or consumers having mobile data to view your ads – the cards simply stand proudly in your chosen space with guaranteed exposure!

High Standard Show Cards Bespoke to Your Brand

At Cheshire Packaging, we take great pride in designing and producing exceptional show cards which are completely bespoke to your product, service, or event. We have our own in-house team of expert designers who dabble in all things creative and will work with you to produce unique designs to ensure that you are completely happy with the final product. We offer cards in sizes from A1 through to A5 on 2000 Micron Dutch grey board and we can also cut cards into various shapes using our die cutting and creasing techniques dependant on your design requirements. All of our show cards are also available with a gloss, matt film lamination and/or spot UV varnishes to provide you with an optimum level of protection – After all, your show cards will be handled daily!

Get in Touch for Show Cards Today

With more than 25 years industry experience and a reputation for providing innovative and award winning print finishing, Cheshire Packaging is a name that you can rely on completely for high standard show cards at competitive prices. We regularly provide cards for customers across the UK, so if you would like to find out more about our products and how we can help you, please get in touch, a member of our team will be happy to help!

The Possibilities are Endless with Strut Cards

strut cards

Here at Cheshire Packaging, we simply love strut cards. A traditional point of sale medium which may seem a bit outdated to some when compared with digital media advertising, we believe that strut cards are a truly fantastic point of sale technique. Simple, unique, and relatively cheap to produce, strut cards provide brands, businesses, venues, and event organisers with a way of conveying their message to large amounts of people without breaking the bank. What’s more, at Cheshire Packaging, we can produce innovative strut cards which really help you to connect with your target audience. Using our in depth knowledge of the latest trends, our creativity which knows no boundaries, the best materials and the latest machines, we expertly combine modern forms of communication with traditional to produce cards which speak to both young and older consumers.

Innovative Strut Cards

Our strut cards are widely used within retail spaces, exhibition areas, cafés, restaurants, hotels, and other public spaces, and can be displayed anywhere without taking up much space. In addition to this, we can also tie your cards in with the rest of your advertising campaign by adding relevant hashtags relevant, social media details, QR codes, and much more! At Cheshire Packaging, we believe that the possibilities really are endless with strut cards and that they no longer need to be a simple hard copy advertisement but that they can connect you with your target audience at any time.

Strut Cards Tailored to Your Business

We offer a completely bespoke service, offering both standard designs and complex pieces created using our automatic die cutting machine. From the very first enquiry, our team of creative designers work with you to produce designs which reflect your brand identity perfectly whilst also achieving the desired persuasive or informative tone. Cards are mounted onto 2mm dutch grey board and are available in a matte or gloss laminated finish or a UV spot varnishing for extra durability. For more information or to discuss your initial ideas, please contact us today!

Save 10% on Show Cards this April

show cards

Show cards offer an incredibly simple, budget friendly and effective method of grabbing the attention of consumers and informing them about your product or event. Free standing and very durable, our show cards can easily be displayed in any retail, hospitality, or exhibition environment. Due to the many benefits of the timeless advertising technique, here at Cheshire Packaging, we have decided to offer all our customers 10% off any cards purchased during April. As one of the UK’s leading print finishing specialists, we can provide you with bespoke cards which promote your brand, product, or event in a unique and memorable manner!

Show Stopping Show Cards

Using the very latest and best print finishing materials and facilities, our team of creative designers can create show cards which are bespoke to your product, brand, or event. Each show card we create is unique and we offer cards in sizes from A1 through to A5 on 2000 Micron Dutch grey board. We can also cut the cards into various shapes and designs and we offer a range of finishes from gloss and matt film lamination and/or spot UV varnishes.

Whichever finish you choose, working closely with you through the design stages, we can provide you with show stopping show cards which are eye catching and informative. Staying up to date with the latest technological trends, we can even provide you with show cards which feature QR codes and social media details to really increase and strengthen your brand reach.

With over 25 years’ experience in the print finishing industry, we have a reputation for producing bespoke show cards which “wow” exactly as they should!

Discuss Your Show Card Requirements Today

At Cheshire Packaging, we provide cost effective show cards for customers across the UK, from straight forward designs, to intricate show cards which utilise our die cutting and creasing techniques, and with 10% off during April, there really is no better time than now to order your show cards. To find out more about our products or to discuss your requirements in detail, please get in touch, a member of our team will be happy to help!

show cards

Reinventing Strut Cards

strut cards

As digital media now dominates the advertising industry, traditional point of sale marketing techniques such as strut cards, also known as show cards, can seem a little outdated. At Cheshire Packaging however, we think outside the box when it comes to strut cards. With our help, you can use the simple cards as a platform to really connect with your target audience by promoting hashtags, sharing QR codes and much more! With more than 25 years’ experience as one of the UK’s leading print finishing specialists, we can provide you with bespoke strut cards which promote your business in an exciting and modern fashion!

How can Strut Cards Boost your Advertising Campaign?

With eye-catching designs and total flexibility on shape, size and placement, strut cards greatly increase your chances of standing out. What’s more, with our reinvented cards, the simple, cost effective and easy to handle cards are no longer limited to simply promoting your product or service, they can help to tie together your whole advertising campaign…

By adding hashtags related to you social media, you can encourage people to interact with you further online, building your brand awareness. What’s more, strut cards are also a fantastic platform for sharing promotions with the use of QR codes, something which is popular amongst younger consumers!

Today strut and show cards have so much potential to be more than just a standard advertisement, by adopting new, creative design strategies, you can ensure that your business stays relevant!

strut cards

Contact Us Today to Discuss Your Strut Cards

At Cheshire Packaging, we specialise in providing bespoke strut cards for customers across the UK. From simple designs, to complex pieces created using die cutting techniques, we guarantee to have the perfect, cost effective solution for you. Our cards are mounted onto 2mm Dutch greyboard and are available with a matt, gloss laminate finishing, or UV spot varnishing for extra durability. For more information about how we can design cards which reflect your brand perfectly, please do not hesitate to contact us!