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Strut Your Stuff At Trade Shows In Manchester

Stand Out At Trade Shows With Cardboard Display Stands In Manchester

If your business is gearing up to attend a trade show this year, then you’ll want to stand out from the crowd. Despite being in one place, when it comes to exhibiting at trade shows it’s still important to catch the attention of the crowd. So, we’ve put together 5 of our biggest and best top tips to help you get seen and heard at your next event, including cardboard display stands in Manchester. Read on to find out more! 

Create A Buzz For Your Brand

Your presence at a trade show starts well before the big day. Utilise your platforms on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to make your presence known and drum up a bit of excitement. This can be done in many different ways, including taking sneak peak and behind the scenes pictures of your display stands to holding a competition or giveaway. Many trade shows will have a hashtag you can use across social media, so use this as a way to connect with other brands and people who will be attending on the day.

The more leg work you do here, the more people are likely to come and visit you on the day. So make sure you invest some time in talking about it way ahead of opening.

Make An Eye Catching Display

Is there anything worse than a drab looking table display at a trade show? When it comes to enticing people to check out your product, make it eye catching and don’t compromise on style.

Depending on the space available to you, there are a number of ways to stand out from your competitors.

For compact spaces, strut cards are a great way to communicate your services or display your products to passers by. And the beauty of them is that you can be as creative as you like in their design. Twist and lock displays are a great point of sale solution for getting the attention of visitors to your stand or the counter at your booth.

At Cheshire Packaging, we are proud producers of some of the best show cards in Manchester. You can read more about how they can help your brand here.

Another way to entice new potential clients at trade shows is through floor standing displays or speciality displays. Whether that be a roller banner or cardboard display showcasing your products. The more creative you are in your display, the better interest will be. Having your products out there and on display is a great way to reel in buyers. What’s more, it allows people to get hands on and really understand what you have to offer. 

Showcase Your Biggest Achievements

If your brand has been featured in a certain shop or on a certain popular website – shout about it! Show cards can be a fantastic way of doing this. They quickly show information about your product and where they have been featured. Don’t underestimate how far telling attendees about your recent achievements can get you. If you can demonstrate that other big names have invested in your brand, it will pique curiosity. Not to mention drum up a desire to work with you!

Be Interactive

An interactive element to your stand has the power to get you seen faster. People love getting hands on, so if you have an opportunity to get attendees involved with your product then do it! Not only will it create a buzz around your stand, but if you have a queue of people waiting to get involved with your brand, it’ll draw in a whole host of other attendees out of sheer curiosity. Getting creative with your interactive elements can show a fun side to your brand and really showcase your personality. Just make sure people know that you’re offering an interactive activity through your displays!

Giveaway A Goodie Bag

Let’s face it, we all love a freebie. Pens, notepads, stress balls, USB pens…these are all things most people enjoy receiving at a trade show. An effective way to get noticed (and remembered) is to put together a goodie bag that attendees can take away. For extra brand exposure, you could even design special cardboard carry home display boxes packed with literature and goodies. This is bound to catch the eye of other attendees and spur them on to visit your stall to get their hands on a few freebies – and hear all about your brand!

Get Your Brand Seen With Cheshire Packaging

Trade shows are a fantastic way to get your brand seen and heard in a crowded market. But it really just isn’t enough to just attend and hope for the best. The key to getting more bang for your buck at trade shows is to make yourself seen through clever design, displays and packaging of your products. If you’re attending a trade show this year and would like some support in putting together eye catching show cards, floor standing displays, or carry home boxes then contact us today to discuss your requirements. We serve customers nationwide including West Midlands, the North West and Yorkshire, so if you’re attending trade shows in Manchester this year we can support you with your display and packaging needs. 

Showcase Your Unmissable Offers With Strut Cards

strut cards

Strut cards (also known as show cards) are a powerful tool when it comes to point of sale marketing. These handy display signs are particularly effective when it comes to letting your customers know about special offers they can take advantage of. They’re also ultra portable, which is ideal for on the go advertising.
If you think strut cards can work for your business (and we believe they work for all kinds) then check out our top tips for making the most of your strut cards with Cheshire Packaging.

Bespoke Strut Cards Help You Stand Out

The main purpose of a strut card is to bring a customers attention to products or offers quickly. Brochures and leaflets have their place but a display board is great for catching the eye of impulse buyers. Designs are available in a range of sizes from A5 to A3 depending on where they’ll be displayed, but what’s most important is your message.

Take some time to come up with a simple but effective message to attract consumers. If you want your strut card to prompt a customer to make a purchase consider the questions they’ll be asking:

  • Why should I buy it?
  • What’s the benefit of the product?
  • How big is the discount?
  • Can I get it anywhere else?

There will be a huge range of questions to think about, but a clever headline with a clear call to action is paramount.

Get Creative With High Quality Designs

At Cheshire Packaging, we pride ourselves on high quality design. How your brand looks is as important as the message you’re sending, which is reflected in your POS packaging. Why not try getting creative with your point of sale packaging?  For example, if you would like customers to visit your website you could add a QR code leading to a discount code or coupon. Or you could promote your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. The possibilities are almost endless!

Contact Us Today For Your Strut Cards

If you’ve got a vision, we can make it a reality. Our excellent strut cards are printed in full colour and mounted to 2mm thick Dutch greyboard. All are available with matt or gloss lamination with a rudder strut attached to the reverse for durability and staying power. And what’s more, our team of creative designers take the time to get to know your brand and understand your message in order to create materials that get results.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help, then please contact our team. We serve some of the UK’s biggest businesses nationwide and we’re ready and waiting to help you too!

Comparing Film and Liquid Lamination for Strut Cards in Bolton

strut cards in bolton

Strut cards in Bolton from Cheshire Packaging use film lamination which provides reliable protection from the elements such as moisture, fingerprints and dust.
For over 25 years we’ve been the leading manufacturers of strut cards in Bolton and Greater Manchester and we are going to look at the difference between film and liquid laminations, that are used for different applications.

Film Lamination
The film lamination is the application of a film substrate and adhesive to an underlying layer.
Benefits of laminating your strut cards include protection against premature degradation against the effects of abrasion, handling, rolling, installation and finally from the environment it’s installed.
Film lamination adds rigidity to the print and enhances the colour and the visual effect, plus Cheshire Packaging designers can also add UV protection which protects the inks against premature fading, scratches, water, chemicals and extra exposure to handling or touching.

Liquid Lamination
Liquid lamination is a different type of finish that is used when film lamination isn’t possible to use. This is used on PVC banners, fabrics and textiles as well as finishes for automobiles.

Using Strut Cards in Bolton Effectively

Strut cards are a simple and cost-effective way to grab the attention of your audience at an event or for your products in-store.
Utilising our design service we can tailor the look of your show cards to match your brand or product including bespoke shapes of any size.
Operating to BSEN ISO 9001:2015 standards means Cheshire Packaging processes and activities are the finest in the business.

Strut Cards in Bolton from Cheshire Packaging

As an environmentally conscious business, all our packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable. We pride ourselves on being innovators in the market, sustainability and ultimately our customer’s satisfaction.
If you’d like to know more about our products and working with Cheshire Packaging please get in touch today.

Impress Impulse Buyers with Strut Cards in Chester

strut cards in chester

Strut cards in Chester are one of the best ways to entice impulse buyers towards your latest range of products.
The design of your strut cards is crucial and our innovative designers will create something truly special in any shape or size.

Strut Cards in Chester Sell Dreams

One of the industries where show cards are a great marketing tool is in the beauty and cosmetics sector.
Sometimes referred to as selling dreams, makeup and cosmetics offer shoppers a chance to better themselves and enhance their wellbeing and confidence. Your advertising of these products needs to communicate your brand’s key messages in seconds.

“Eye level is buying level” in retail. Locating your displays and products at a point in-store where customers can see without looking up or down increases the number of purchases.
Retail industry statistics reveal that just one-third of in-store purchases are planned, which in turn means the other two-thirds of purchases are impulse buys – a major opportunity for stores!

How do you drive sales conversions? The positioning of advertising and product placement is key to catching your customers eye with lower priced products or sale items working better nearer to till points. Creating a tailored space for a new must-have item will help it stand out from the crowd.

The final push for your customers will be the striking design of your strut cards with an exclusive offer. The retail industry takes no prisoners, make sure your advertising captures attention and instantly persuades. It is the difference between good or poor sales.

Cheshire Packaging – Strut Cards in Chester Specialists

Cheshire Packaging has been providing point of sale packaging in Chester for over 25 years for some of the UK’s leading brands.
We mix our industry experience with a creative flair to generate bespoke strut cards and twist and lock displays that impress shoppers and ultimately drive sales.
If you’d like to know more about any of our packaging solutions, please contact us today.

Show Cards in Stoke on Trent for Unmissable Mother’s Day Deals

strut cards

Show cards in Stoke on Trent from Cheshire Packaging are the best way to display your unmissable deals just in time for Mother’s Day. We have a long-standing reputation for creating the most innovative range of strut cards that will drive footfall and sales to your store.

The placement of your special offers is vital, so we would recommend you take a walk around your store and look at the floor plan and decide where the best place would be for your show cards.
Some stores choose to put them near the checkouts, to appeal to the impulse buyers or alternatively you could add your strut cards to a shelf or table near the entrance of the store, so they are one of the first items your customers see on the way in.

Designing Stunning Show Cards in Stoke on Trent

No matter where you place your show cards, they need to be visually appealing which is where our experienced Design team come to the fore. We work closely with all of our customers to make sure your show cards in Stoke on Trent suit your customer’s needs and look eye-catching.

We give you the choice simple of complex shapes of strut cards using the latest die cutting techniques, whilst adding a laminate finish gives them a touch of class whilst increasing the durability of your advert.
For example, if your show cards are in direct contact with sunlight or near a door and thus could be affected by the elements.

Specialists in Show Cards in Stoke on Trent

Cheshire Packaging has been producing the very best range of show cards in Stoke on Trent for the past 25 years; fit for any occasion including Mother’s Day.
If you’d like to know more about how our strut cards will boost your sales, please get in touch to speak to one of our team.

Perfect Promotional Strut Cards in Liverpool

strut cards in liverpool

Specialising in point of sale and point of purchase material, Cheshire Packaging supply to the retail and branded sectors with eye-catching strut cards in Liverpool.

Perfect for promoting products, campaigns, giveaway, offers and so much more. Strut cards directly grab your audience’s gaze. Cheshire Packaging’s superb strut cards are printed single-sided on premium 2mm Dutch greyboard with a sturdy box board attached to the reverse side.

Whether your strut cards are proudly displayed in the office, at your reception desk, in your shop, or as part of an exhibition stand. They’re a great way to get people talking and increase your POS marketing. Strut cards often find themselves in place with heavy footfall as there aim it to attract attention. So, to protect your marketing from spillages and increase its longevity, you can add matt or gloss lamination. Which not only increases the durability but also enhances the card aesthetically.

Digital Printed Strut Cards in Liverpool

At Cheshire Packaging, we turn your vision into actuality. We work side by side to create the strut card that works best for you. With many years of experience, expertise and state of the art equipment at our disposal. We have built a huge portfolio of happy clients, all differing in size, scale and services. So, rest assured no project is out of our depth.

For strut cards in Liverpool… You Imagine. We Create. & We Deliver

Imagine: No one understands POS more than Cheshire Packaging. Over the years we know what works and what doesn’t work. You lay out your vision to us and our expert design team will bring it to life. Your POS strut cards are given the Cheshire Packaging WOW factor whilst remaining practical.

Create: We take your imagined designs and build cost-effective campaigns for the environment that works best for you. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing means the choices available to customers are extremely flexible. You’ll decide the size, quantity, artwork, colour, font, design and finish. You decide and we create!

Deliver: Our friendly team of designers and customer service experts ensure we get the job done for you. You’ll be informed with everything that is going on with your project and we only deliver the result that works for you.

Speak to Cheshire Packaging for Strut Cards in Liverpool

If you’d like to know more about our services for strut cards in Liverpool or the surrounding areas including Greater Manchester, then speak to the team at Cheshire Packaging. We work throughout the UK so, do not hesitate to get in touch as we’d love to help you with your point of sale marketing.

Imagine, Create & Deliver Show Cards in Manchester

show cards in manchester

Taking your imagined designs and delivering exceptional results is what we do at Cheshire Packaging. Looking for show cards in Manchester? Then Cheshire Packaging’s print finishing service grabs the attention of passer-by with cost-effective display advertising. Wherever you are in the Greater Manchester region, businesses across the area from Bolton and Rochdale, down through the City Centre, Salford, to Altrincham and Stockport, have all benefitted from using our show cards as part of their marketing mix.

Show cards are a free-standing form of promotional material which can really draw the buyer’s eye with strategical positioning. As part of our full-service customers have the choice of various shapes and finishes including gloss or matt lamination.

Show Cards in Manchester, Bolton, to Stockport and Surrounding Areas

Using state of the art printers and cutters you imagine the look of your show card and we deliver it. For over 25 years we’ve been delivering exceptional result for promotional materials such as packaging or show cards in Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Macclesfield, Cheshire and more.

As part of a complete service, you’ll have the final say on the size, quantity, artwork, colour, font, design and finish. You’ll work with our design team and select what works best for you and your brand’s image. Show cards make the perfect point of sale countertop advertising.

Over the years we’ve worked with some the UK’s biggest brands as well as up and coming business. So, no project is too big for our team.

Speak to Cheshire Packaging for Show Cards in Manchester, Bolton, Stockport, Wigan and more

Cheshire Packaging’s printed show cards in Manchester are the solution for counter displays or point of sale promotions. Self-standing poster boards are printed in full colour and mounted to 2mm Dutch greyboard with reverse rudder strut. Ready to use right away – simply fold out the strut and set up where it will draw the eye most successfully.

If you’d like to know more about our show cards in Manchester city centre, and the surrounding Greater Manchester regions like Bolton, Sale, Ashton under Lyne and Stockport. Then please speak to a member of the Cheshire Packaging team today. With access to the best printing and cutting equipment available, so, you’re guaranteed a quality advertisement.

Show Cards in Cheshire Bridge Gap Between Print and Digital

show cards in cheshire

Show cards in Cheshire are one of the most innovative ways you can use printed materials to advertise your latest social media campaigns.

Some had condemned print to the marketing graveyard, but we believe that print never went away and now thrives standing shoulder to shoulder with digital advertising platforms.

Show Cards in Cheshire are Part of Hybrid Marketing

Known as hybrid marketing, this approach makes sure you hit the five marketing touchpoints, that will lead to increased brand awareness and boost sales.

The marketing touchpoints are –

  • Awareness – Which can be anything from adverts to the word of mouth
  • Consideration – Web pages and blogs or direct mail (which we can also support with)
  • Purchase – In-store or your website
  • Service – Giving customers a point to give feedback on purchases
  • Loyalty – Further direct mail campaigns, newsletters and e-mail campaigns

Let’s face it, the best way to catch customers attention in-store is with a product such as show cards and dump bins with special offers and new items.

Designs of Show Cards That You Can’t Be Ignored

Our Design team have the creative flair to create unique and eye-catching designs of show cards in Cheshire. We make our show cards from 2000 Micron Dutch grey board and are available in various finishes, including gloss/matt film lamination and/or spot UV varnishes as well as incorporating different shapes/sizes (when required) and QR codes for special promotions.

Get in Touch to Discuss Show Cards in Cheshire

Cheshire Packaging has been providing the most innovative packaging solutions for customers in Cheshire and the surrounding areas such as Manchester, Greater Manchester areas such as Bolton, Macclesfield, Chester and Stoke on Trent. Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly team; we’d love to hear from you. We also provide other types of packaging including display boxes, strut cards and twist and lock displays all with a commitment to being environmentally friendly.

Stand out at trade shows with our strut cards

strut cards

If you’re currently planning your 2019 marketing programme, strut cards for your exhibition stands are an absolute must. It’s not just about pull up banners and giving out freebies, you need to communicate your key messages to potential customers in the fastest ways possible.
No matter what industry you work in, you can guarantee that there are countless other companies who provide similar services at large scale trade shows; so you will need to grab potential customers attention as they walk past your stand.
Using bespoke strut cards to advertise exclusive competitions or offers can help you to attract visitors to your stand and can give you the added bonus of giving them something they can’t get anywhere else.

Choose Cheshire Packaging for strut cards

Established more than 25 years ago, we have a rich history of helping our customers get noticed with highly innovative products. Our vastly skilled design team are always implementing the latest trends with our strut cards, and we feel the way we work with our customers on bespoke designs is just one of the reasons why we have so many people who come back to us time after time.

The perfect shaped strut cards

You may not know it but we can design cards in any size or shape. By using the latest die cutting techniques we can produce unique strut cards with finishes in high quality laminate or UV spot varnishing. Adding a finish will allow you to re-use them over and over at trade shows throughout the year. Whatever the brief, we can produce high quality cards to fit your branding whilst showcasing the key messages that you want to reach your audience with.

Order your strut cards today

If you have a trade show or need that something extra for your upcoming exhibition stand, contact us today to speak to one of our friendly team who can get the ball rolling on your next unique set of strut cards.

Christmas is Strut Cards Season

strut cards

It’s the most wonderful time of year, but to make a sterling success for your shop have you sorted your strut cards out yet?

Christmas time is the golden quarter for retailers with massive profits to be had, if your products are advertised effectively.

If you have an exclusive product then placement is just as vital as this can be the deal breaker for customers. Let’s face it, someone isn’t going to buy something they can’t see.

Why Strut Cards will seal the deal

It’s vital to stand out from the crowd and strut cards are a great idea to show off exclusive offers and limited edition products. We find that they work best when placed on counters in the eye line of customers.

A recent survey said that 61% of customers will buy clothing and accessories and anyone who has ever been into a department store will know that they are flooded with strut cards, especially around Christmas.

Strut Cards will help your sales and the environment

Here at Cheshire Packaging we operate to BSEN ISO 9001:2008 standards ensuring we produce the highest standard of products.
Customers are now much more aware of the effect their waste is having on the environment and this is one of the reasons all the products we offer, including strut cards are sent out in eco-friendly packaging.

Enquire about our selection of Strut Cards

Cheshire Packaging will work together with your company to ensure your products match your brand’s personality and helps you gain those seasonal sales.

From small companies to household names we have a rich history of helping businesses achieve their goals.

If you’d like to know more about our strut card selection, or any other items please get in touch today and speak to our friendly team.