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Benefits Of Corrugated Packaging In Macclesfield

The Benefits Of Corrugated Packaging In Macclesfield

If you are a business or brand based in Macclesfield, there’s no doubt that you will be on the hunt for the most inexpensive and robust form of packaging available. And that’s where Cheshire Packaging comes in. We offer corrugated packaging in Macclesfield and surrounding areas as a strong alternative to metal, wood and glass.

Many of our customers come to us and ask what are the benefits of corrugated cardboard packaging – so we decided to put all of the advantages into a handy blog post for you to enjoy. So read on to find out all about our corrugated packaging in Macclesfield.

It Is Lightweight

Compared to many alternatives such as wood and metal, corrugated cardboard is a cut above the rest when it comes to weight. Due to its lightness and flexibility, it is often the first choice for display packaging. And, what’s more, it is an affordable and sustainable option, too.

For both businesses and customers, corrugated packaging is an attractive choice. This is particularly true when it comes to heavy loads. Corrugated cardboard is easy to ship, handle and transport, making the whole process easier and smoother for businesses and brands.

It Keeps Your Products Safe

Corrugated packaging in Macclesfield is one of the biggest and best options due to its protective nature. Not only is it flexible in its composition, it also acts as a barrier between the elements and your products. Cardboard is resistant to shock, impact and vibration and it’s also able to support heavy weights. That means that you can rest assured that your products will remain safe and sound while in transit.

It Can Amplify Your Brand

Our corrugated packaging in Macclesfield is totally customisable, helping you to increase the visibility of your brand. When it comes to creating packaging that is eye catching for customers, you are only limited by your creativity.

Whether you require a simple logo to distinguish your brand or have a message you would like to communicate, a range of printing options are available to help with this. Corrugated cardboard works well with a number of printing methods included lithography and digital printing. And with Cheshire Packaging you can work with our expert designers to create point of sale packaging to turn heads.

It Is Environmentally Friendly

As the most recycled packaging material in the EU, our corrugated packaging in Macclesfield is an affordable and environmentally friendly solution. What’s more, as it is made from only one material there is no sorting required when it comes to recycling, and it can be folded away easily until it is ready to be recycled.

What’s more, Cheshire Packaging also offers high quality Correx corrugated packaging in Macclesfield. Not only is this reusable, it is also waterproof and flexible to all design requirements.

It Is Flexible

Put simply, corrugated packaging in Macclesfield is a great choice for your brand. Due to its second-to-none flexibility and durability, there isn’t much it can’t be used for. And, what’s more, the high quality of cardboard makes it a great material to get creative with! At Cheshire Packaging, we offer corrugated packaging in Macclesfield and beyond. Our cardboard display stands and transit packaging can be made to your exacting specifications to ensure the perfect fit for your brand.

Contact Us To Find Out More

If you are a brand in Macclesfield in need of corrugated packaging then look no further than Cheshire Packaging. As a local based business, we pride ourselves on second-to-none service and flexibility for our clients across the country. With us, you can be sure you are getting an award winning, friendly and professional packaging solution for your brand. To find out more, contact us today.

5 Ways To Strut Your Stuff At Trade Shows In Manchester

Stand Out At Trade Shows With Cardboard Display Stands In Manchester

If your business is gearing up to attend a trade show this year, then you’ll want to stand out from the crowd. Despite being in one place, when it comes to exhibiting at trade shows it’s still important to catch the attention of the crowd. So, we’ve put together 5 of our biggest and best top tips to help you get seen and heard at your next event, including cardboard display stands in Manchester. Read on to find out more! 

Create A Buzz For Your Brand

Your presence at a trade show starts well before the big day. Utilise your platforms on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to make your presence known and drum up a bit of excitement. This can be done in many different ways, including taking sneak peak and behind the scenes pictures of your display stands to holding a competition or giveaway. Many trade shows will have a hashtag you can use across social media, so use this as a way to connect with other brands and people who will be attending on the day.

The more leg work you do here, the more people are likely to come and visit you on the day. So make sure you invest some time in talking about it way ahead of opening.

Make An Eye Catching Display

Is there anything worse than a drab looking table display at a trade show? When it comes to enticing people to check out your product, make it eye catching and don’t compromise on style.

Depending on the space available to you, there are a number of ways to stand out from your competitors.

For compact spaces, strut cards are a great way to communicate your services or display your products to passers by. And the beauty of them is that you can be as creative as you like in their design. At Cheshire Packaging, we are proud producers of some of the best show cards in Manchester. You can read more about how they can help your brand here.

Another way to entice new potential clients at trade shows is through floor standing displays or speciality displays. Whether that be a roller banner or cardboard display showcasing your products. The more creative you are in your display, the better interest will be. Having your products out there and on display is a great way to reel in buyers. What’s more, it allows people to get hands on and really understand what you have to offer. 

Showcase Your Biggest Achievements

If your brand has been featured in a certain shop or on a certain popular website – shout about it! Show cards can be a fantastic way of doing this. They quickly show information about your product and where they have been featured. Don’t underestimate how far telling attendees about your recent achievements can get you. If you can demonstrate that other big names have invested in your brand, it will pique curiosity. Not to mention drum up a desire to work with you!

Be Interactive

An interactive element to your stand has the power to get you seen faster. People love getting hands on, so if you have an opportunity to get attendees involved with your product then do it! Not only will it create a buzz around your stand, but if you have a queue of people waiting to get involved with your brand, it’ll draw in a whole host of other attendees out of sheer curiosity. Getting creative with your interactive elements can show a fun side to your brand and really showcase your personality. Just make sure people know that you’re offering an interactive activity through your displays!

Giveaway A Goodie Bag

Let’s face it, we all love a freebie. Pens, notepads, stress balls, USB pens…these are all things most people enjoy receiving at a trade show. An effective way to get noticed (and remembered) is to put together a goodie bag that attendees can take away. For extra brand exposure, you could even design special cardboard carry home display boxes packed with literature and goodies. This is bound to catch the eye of other attendees and spur them on to visit your stall to get their hands on a few freebies – and hear all about your brand!

Get Your Brand Seen With Cheshire Packaging

Trade shows are a fantastic way to get your brand seen and heard in a crowded market. But it really just isn’t enough to just attend and hope for the best. The key to getting more bang for your buck at trade shows is to make yourself seen through clever design, displays and packaging of your products. If you’re attending a trade show this year and would like some support in putting together eye catching show cards, floor standing displays, or carry home boxes then contact us today to discuss your requirements. We serve customers nationwide including West Midlands, the North West and Yorkshire, so if you’re attending trade shows in Manchester this year we can support you with your display and packaging needs. 

Is your Packaging Ready for Summer?

summer packaging

It’s officially summer and at Cheshire Packaging it is our favourite time for packaging design. Although the weather hasn’t caught up with summer just yet, we’re hoping it can reach the highs of last year very soon. While we wait for the long overdue sunshine, we’re going to bring the heat with a few ‘hot’ packaging designs and creative ideas to get your products seen on the shelves or out on the road.

Choosing the Right Colour

When you say ‘seasonal packaging’ you naturally draw to colours such as reds, greens and for snowy Christmas settings, reds hearts for Valentine’s day and orange and blacks for Halloween. But surprisingly not many people think of Summer… and then the penny drops. Summer designs have become increasingly popular and more common on the shelves. When Summer arrives, people change their wardrobe colours, so why can’t they do the same for packaging.

Summer is the best time to fill your packaging with clean, fresh and bright colours that instantly catch the eye! In recent years there have been a growing number of brands who opt for exclusive collections or completely re-design their packaging to suit the warm season.

If your brand or product isn’t particularly summery, a splash of summer colour could be just what you need to boost sales and keep the inflow of interest until your busier periods.

Summer Imagery

It might seem obvious, but it can be overlooked. This works in the same thought that as Christmas you would use Christmas Trees, presents, Snowmen etc. During summer opt for classics such as a beach ball, sunshine, sunglasses or anything that can be linked to your brand. A picture of a sunny beach creates interest and will help you stand out from the un-themed packaging.


There is something about Summer that brings out the positivity in people. There’s BBQ’s every other weekend, warm weather (supposedly), beer gardens, holidays, seeing friends and family, festivals and the school holidays. With so much positive energy in the air, you’re packaging should convey the same message. Focus on spreading a positive message and the idea of the fun you can have with your product or brand during summer.

Spot a Gap

As we mentioned before, summer packaging is not just for summer products! If your product isn’t particularly summery your competitors might not be investing in it either. Summer, therefore, would be a perfect time to differentiate yourself from your closest rivals that aren’t capitalising on seasonal opportunities.

Our Top Tips for Summer Packaging

We’ve given you a few insights as to the positive effect summer packaging can have on your brand or product. If you’re choosing to go ahead with a summer redesign or overhaul here are a few tips to help.

  • Convey a positive message
  • Make sure it is relevant for the brand
  • Make sure people will still recognise the brand
  • Don’t follow the crowd – Stand out!!!
  • Use Summer imagery
  • Tell the customer it is ‘Limited Edition’
  • Use opportunities to sell more products e.g. link it to a Summer campaign such as ‘win a holiday’

Speak to us For Summer Packaging

If you’re looking to freshen your packaging up for the summer or any season, our brand and product packaging team are ready to help. We’ve been Cheshire’s go-to packaging design company for over 25 years and have rapidly grown popular not only in the North West but across the whole of the North and areas down South.

Find out more about our packaging services here or contact our team using the details below.

Advantages Of Cardboard Display Stands In Huddersfield

Cardboard Display Stands In Huddersfield

Cardboard display stands in Huddersfield are one of the best and easiest ways to showcase your products to customers. Whether you plump for multiple shelf displays, compact units, tiered or cosmetic display packaging, here at Cheshire Packaging we have a solution to suit you.

Are you on the fence about whether cardboard display stands are suitable for your products in Huddersfield? Here are just 4 reasons to take the plunge and start reaping the benefits of our point of sale packaging.

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Display Stands In Huddersfield

In a world increasingly concerned with our impact on the environment, businesses like yours have a social responsibility to stay Eco friendly. One of the best and easiest ways to put into action your environmentally positive strategy is with cardboard displays. A huge proportion of waste found in landfill comes from packaging. And this includes polystyrene and other plastics, which have a huge impact on the environment. Here at Cheshire Packaging, we offer eco-friendly, recyclable cardboard display stands to support our clients in Huddersfield and Sheffield to make a conscious switch to a greener enterprise.

Lightweight and Compact

When it comes to cardboard display stands in Huddersfield, we offer a range of solutions to our clients. The beauty of this point of sale packaging is that it is both lightweight and compact. This means that it can be transported for exhibitions, or even moved around store to draw attention to it at different points of your customer journey.

Not only that, but you have control over the size and shape of your cardboard display stands in Huddersfield. With Cheshire Packaging, you can work with our team of designers to craft a point of sale packaging solution that works to your individual specifications and requirements.

Visually Attractive

Typically, cardboard display stands are both more approachable and attractive for customers. While steel or plastic displays may seem like a premium option, cardboard is often more aesthetically pleasing. That means customers are more drawn to your product and more likely to buy. Further to this, the low cost of cardboard packaging makes it fantastic for launching new products. Choosing cardboard display stands in Huddersfield for your launch is cheaper and easier to organise than premium options. And it gives you the opportunity to test out different marketing strategies for your product to greater effect. 

Custom Made To Your Requirements

When it comes to cardboard display stands in Huddersfield, Cheshire Packaging gives you ultimate control. From design to size, we can help you to create the perfect point of sale packaging. In collaboration with our expert creative team, we help you to develop your ideas and give you complete free reign over your specifications. What’s more, we offer a range of print finishing options to suit your needs. From die cutting and creasing to twist and lock displays, we can work with you to create the most innovative and interesting ways or promoting your products. 

Talk To Us About Cardboard Display Stands In Huddersfield

If you are based in Huddersfield and need cardboard display stands for your product, talk to Cheshire Packaging. As an innovative and award winning point of sale packaging design company, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the UK’s leading brands to create cardboard counter and floor standing displays that get results. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and start your journey to effective cardboard display stands for your business!

Update your Point of Sale Packaging in Bolton

point of sale packaging in Bolton

Looking to update your point of sale packaging in Bolton?

There really is no need to look anywhere other than Cheshire Packaging. We’ve been designing, creating and printing point of sale packaging in Bolton and the North West for over 25 years. We supply our customers with bespoke packaging and our promise that our work always complies with BSEN ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Our many years as a packaging company has seen our clientele grow from smaller independent start-ups to big household names. We have a vast understanding and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in the world of retail

So, when you choose Cheshire Packaging for point of sale packaging Bolton, you will receive a product which is tailored to your brand and the environment that it will be placed in.

Top Quality Point of Sale Packaging in Bolton

From our base in the North West in Cheshire, our team of highly experienced and creative designers can develop, print and bring to life your new point of sale packaging.

No matter the size, shape, value, complexity, we can provide the packaging that helps to promote, advertise and catch the eye of your potential customers. Regardless of whether you’re an established brand or a start-up, it is vital that your point of sale packaging in Bolton effectively transmits your brand’s message effectively and quickly.

Point of Sale Packaging in Bolton – Our Range

We are the North West specialist when it comes to creating a point of sale packaging in Bolton and we offer a huge range of bespoke designs for each individual’s requirements and goals.

Some of our most popular and most requested options include:

  • Floor Standing Display Units which are a cost-effective and individual way of promoting your product in store and can help your product to literally stand out in busy retail areas.
  • Dump Bins which can be created in many shapes and sizes to suit your individual product requirements and can be conveniently placed at checkouts to capture consumers attention.
  • Shelf Displays can create bespoke cardboard display stands to suit your specific product requirements and are strong but also flexible in terms of placement and design.
  • Magazine Display Stands are a simple method of displaying newspapers/catalogues/magazines and can be printed to your specific requirements.

Contact us Today for Point of Sale Packaging in Bolton and the North West

We work closely with our clients and our aim is to provide you with packaging which is innovative, affordable and 100% fit for purpose and your needs! As well as the needs of the retail environment you work in.

To find out more about our bespoke point of sale packaging in Bolton, contact a member of our team today!

Winter is Coming! Start Planning your Christmas Packaging Early

Christmas packaging

Happy Halfway to Christmas, and at Cheshire Packaging, we’re planning for winter even earlier than the writers of Game of Thrones did – and it’s a good job as well because there is something much more terrifying heading towards us than the Army of the Dead… Christmas Shoppers!!!

Christmas is the most important date in the retail calendar. Not only do customers have a huge list of must-have items, but there is also added pressure on stores and businesses to provide outstanding customer service. If your business doesn’t stand out from the crowd and can’t deliver the expected standards of goods on time and in perfect condition, it won’t be a very Merry Christmas.

It might seem a bit ridiculous to be discussing Christmas in June, but searches for Christmas related terms start as early as September. Therefore, it is crucial that businesses prepare for the season sooner rather than later. Cheshire Packaging is the go-to for sourcing transit and in-store Christmas packaging you will need to ensure the best possible service for your customers. So here is our guide to Christmas Packaging.

Picking the Right Packaging

There are certain items that go hand in hand with Christmas. Love them or hate them Christmas jumpers, festive tipples, chocolates and so many more. If your business supplies any of these items, you need to have the right packaging to match. However, if your business is not traditionally related to Christmas that doesn’t mean you should exclude yourself.

The holiday period is a great opportunity to add a bit of festive cheer to your packaging with either limited edition or a complete packaging redesign. A festive logo, holiday message or festive colours are just a few of the potential design ideas for Christmas.

Christmas Packaging on The Move

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for sending products via post. With so much going on when on the road it is important that your packaging can withstand the hustle and bustle of the Christmas period. If your goods arrive at your customers’ doors battered and bruised and it isn’t in any state to give as a gift. Your reputation will be forever lost on that customer.

Transit packaging is also a fantastic opportunity to pass on a Christmas message every step of the way to your customer’s hands.

Speak to us For Christmas Packaging

If you’re looking to freshen your packaging up for the Christmas, our brand and product packaging team are ready to help. We’ve been Cheshire’s go packaging design company for over 25 years and have rapidly grown popular not only in the North West but across the whole of the North and areas down South.

Find out more about our packaging services here or contact our team using the details below.

Innovative & Custom Product Packaging

product packaging

The retail world is hugely competitive! No matter where your business finds itself in the industry you’re surrounded by similar functioning and similarly priced goods. So how do you convince customers to pick you? The answer stands out! The number of products on the shelves is ever expanding and if you’re thinking about a plain design with a logo and a picture – you’re likely missing out on potential sales. The modern shopper takes a matter of seconds to decide whether or not to add an item to their basket. Therefore, product packaging is a hugely important driver for customer conversions.

Product packaging is often overlooked as an important sales factor – so here are a few points consider about your packaging.

Let the Product Packaging do the Talking

Product packaging has become part of an experience. A quick YouTube search of ‘unboxing’ and you’re bombarded with videos of YouTuber’s revealing the latest products. Viewers get wrapped up in the whole experience of the packaging down to the last detail. Everything from the colours, imagery, text, weight, materials and more. The box tells a story before they’ve even got their hands on the product.

A quality package says to the consumer that the goods inside are of high quality too!

Customers will Pay more for Original Packaging

Sustainable packaging is a huge part of the modern consumer decision making process. As more and more customers become more aware of where their waste goes – they are making a conscious switch to eco-friendly or sustainable packaging. Custom product packaging can prominently display that message for your customers to see.

Customers will pay more for a quality package that has a positive impact!

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Packaging enhances a customer’s experience and increases the memorability of a brand and encourages both new and old customers to come back. Take Starbucks as an example; every Christmas they release Christmas themed and artistic cups.

Add Value to your Business with Packaging

The sale shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be the end. If every step of a customer’s journey further enhances their decision to pick you over someone else – this adds value to your business. If your goods have been ordered online and are delivered in a fancy looking packaging that hasn’t been bumped and bruised along its journey.

Customers should enjoy buying from you and packaging plays a huge role in their satisfaction.

Speak to Cheshire Packaging for Custom Product Packaging

Custom packaging is essential for the modern competitive markets and recent trends show that packaging is more than patterns and colours it is an experience that carries your message to your customers.

At Cheshire Packaging, we can help you stand out whether it’s on the road or instore. We provide packaging solutions for:

Our packaging is 100% tailored to your brand, so if there is something unique, you’re looking for do not hesitate to ask.

The team at Cheshire Packaging can help you every last detail of your product packaging. We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK as well as new businesses looking to make their mark. If you’d like to know more about our services, where we work and how we can help youplease speak to us today.

We work across the North, West, East and South of England including many of the major cities such as Manchester, London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow, Bristol, Stoke on Trent and more.

We operate our business to BSEN ISO 9001:2015 standards which ensure the effective control of all our activities and processes.

Protecting Your Products and Your Brand with Cheshire Packaging

anti-counterfeit packaging - cheshire packaging

The growth of bespoke packaging for brands comes with the rise of anti-counterfeit solutions to fight against fake products.
Cheshire Packaging regularly works with a host of well-known brands and we are constantly looking at innovative ways to help them stand out on the shelf and everywhere else in-store.
A recent survey from a market research company has revealed that brands are investing more in their packaging to help stay one step ahead of counterfeiters.
According to the International Trademark Association, the total cost of fakes topped just under £400 million last year alone!

Providers of Innovative Bespoke Packaging

The anti-counterfeit packaging landscape is constantly changing, but here at Cheshire Packaging, we pride ourselves on being innovators and giving our customers the latest design solutions that look great and are safe.
As a way to combat fakes brands are requesting tailored holograms added to their products so customers and stores know that they are receiving official items.
We also balance the protection of your items with affordability, always offering a cost-effective solution which is one of the reasons we’ve been in business in 25 years!

Packaging Designs to Dye For

Here at Cheshire Packaging, we work closely with all of our customers to make sure we exceed your print finishing needs with advice offered throughout the entire process.
We have worked on a host of bespoke designs including pop up displays and tent cards that are all handcrafted by our talented team.
For 25 years and counting, we are the leading manufacturers for point of sale packaging that’s environmentally friendly and guaranteed to impress your customers.
We balance being innovative, offering value for money and ultimately delivering the best for our customers, so if you’d like to work with Cheshire Packaging on transforming your packaging please contact us now. Our Sales team can’t wait to hear from you!

Boost Sales With Bespoke Point Of Sale Packaging

point of sale packaging

As a business, have you ever wondered: does bespoke point of sale packaging increase sales volumes? And you wouldn’t be alone. Out in the world of retail, there are a lot of business owners just like you considering their packaging solutions and wondering: does it really make a difference?

The short answer is yes. But we know that’s not convincing enough! Here at Cheshire Packaging, we wanted to take the time to talk about 3 of our bespoke point of sale packaging solutions and show you how custom designs can increase product sales and brand awareness.

Make Bespoke Point Of Sale Packaging Work For You

A quick browse of our products is proof enough that there are a wide range of point of sale packaging options out there. And each one has the power to boost brand awareness and supercharge your selling power. How? Let us show you!

Shelf Ready Display Packaging

If you need your products to arrive ready to be sold, then our shelf ready display packaging is a great place to start. Each SRP we create is designed to meet individual store requirements and is ready to go out of the box! Of course, how your product looks and the packaging it arrives in holds just as much weight as the quality. Our team of creative designers can assist you in whipping up bespoke point of sale packaging that showcases your brand in the best light.

Carry Home Display Boxes

These handy display boxes are both functional and attractive, and what’s more, they’re a walking advert for your product. The way you interact with customers doesn’t have to stop in the shop, which is why carry home packaging offers a huge range of opportunities for your business to be seen. From taking them out to the car after purchase, through to what a customer does with it after use. Point of sale packaging is a powerful way to reach more people and really show off your creative side.

Dump Bins

Effective for maximising floor space, dump bins are a great way to promote your products. A cost effective and practical alternative to floor standing displays, this is a popular design of point of sale units. At Cheshire Packaging, we’re able to create these point of sale products in a range of shapes and sizes in a high quality finish your customers will love. In short, dump bins encourage impulse buys which makes them really effective at boosting sales.

Get Bespoke Point Of Sale Packaging For Your Business

From transit packaging to product displays, at Cheshire Packaging we pride ourselves on producing high quality products from counter top designs to cardboard displays. Now you know a little bit more about the types of bespoke point of sale packaging we have to offer, why not get in touch with a member of our team today and find out how we can help you.

Showcase Your Unmissable Offers With Strut Cards

strut cards

Strut cards (also known as show cards) are a powerful tool when it comes to point of sale marketing. These handy display signs are particularly effective when it comes to letting your customers know about special offers they can take advantage of. They’re also ultra portable, which is ideal for on the go advertising.
If you think strut cards can work for your business (and we believe they work for all kinds) then check out our top tips for making the most of your strut cards with Cheshire Packaging.

Bespoke Strut Cards Help You Stand Out

The main purpose of a strut card is to bring a customers attention to products or offers quickly. Brochures and leaflets have their place but a display board is great for catching the eye of impulse buyers. Designs are available in a range of sizes from A5 to A3 depending on where they’ll be displayed, but what’s most important is your message.

Take some time to come up with a simple but effective message to attract consumers. If you want your strut card to prompt a customer to make a purchase consider the questions they’ll be asking:

  • Why should I buy it?
  • What’s the benefit of the product?
  • How big is the discount?
  • Can I get it anywhere else?

There will be a huge range of questions to think about, but a clever headline with a clear call to action is paramount.

Get Creative With High Quality Designs

At Cheshire Packaging, we pride ourselves on high quality design. How your brand looks is as important as the message you’re sending, which is reflected in your POS packaging. Why not try getting creative with your point of sale packaging?  For example, if you would like customers to visit your website you could add a QR code leading to a discount code or coupon. Or you could promote your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. The possibilities are almost endless!

Contact Us Today For Your Strut Cards

If you’ve got a vision, we can make it a reality. Our excellent strut cards are printed in full colour and mounted to 2mm thick Dutch greyboard. All are available with matt or gloss lamination with a rudder strut attached to the reverse for durability and staying power. And what’s more, our team of creative designers take the time to get to know your brand and understand your message in order to create materials that get results.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help, then please contact our team. We serve some of the UK’s biggest businesses nationwide and we’re ready and waiting to help you too!